Picking onions is a popular children's game. Players can be sitting on the floor or on a bench; the first one must be leaning against the wall, against a tree ... All the participants make onions, except one, who has to stop. The onions sit on each other's skirts and hold each other tightly around the waist. They sit down in order of strength: stronger, the second on his lap and so on until the smallest is in front

Then the player who acts as a labrador approaches her and stretches her hairs arms, until he manages to tear her from the Others who hold her tightly. The onion boot helps who by, Getting super behind and grabbing her by the waist. This is how they start until they manage to make the last one continue (sometimes to start them is to make three or four onions follow at once). It is a traditional Catalan game from the 19th century

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